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Welcome to Downtown Scaffolding, your top provider of secure scaffolding rentals and installations in New York. Whether you’re a contractor working on a large construction project or a homeowner looking to make repairs, we have the safest and most reliable scaffolding to meet your needs.

Our company has been serving clients throughout New York City for over 15 years. We take great pride in our exceptional safety record – safety is our top priority. All of our scaffolding meets or exceeds OSHA and NYC regulations for construction. Our experienced team of professionals expertly installs secure scaffolding to protect both your workers and the public

At Downtown Scaffolding, we offer a wide variety of scaffolding rental equipment from trusted brands like Layher and Safway. We have pipe scaffolding,  suspended, mobile scaffolding, tube and clamp scaffolding, and more available for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. Our convenient New York location means quick deliveries throughout the borough.

Whether you need a few Baker scaffolds for a small residential job or several hundred feet of interlocking scaffolding for a major commercial site, we’ve got you covered. We understand that no two jobs are alike and we’ll provide customized scaffolding rental solutions to match your unique specifications.

Also explore our comprehensive options for sidewalk shed rental in New York within our scaffolding rental services. Find the perfect solution for your project today!

Our Scaffolding Rental Services in New York

At Downtown Scaffolding, we offer a comprehensive range of scaffolding rental services to meet the needs of any construction or repair job. Our primary services include:

Pipe Scaffolding Rental

Our pipe scaffolding, also sometimes called tube and coupler scaffolding, is a versatile and economical option suitable for most construction sites. Our pipe scaffold systems use thick-walled steel tubes connected by sturdy couplers to create secure platforms and access towers up to 8 sections high.

We use high-quality materials from top brands to construct custom pipe scaffold configurations including:

Supported scaffolds - ideal for working on buildings or other structures

Rolling scaffolds - movable scaffolds with wheels for flexibility

Cantilevered scaffolds - projecting platforms for hard-to-reach areas.

Our experienced team will deliver and install the pipe scaffolding, ensuring proper base plates, mudsills, braces, ties and guardrails per regulations. We offer any size project, from small residential repairs to large commercial buildings.

Suspended Scaffolding Rental

For working on tall buildings, we offer specially designed suspended scaffolding rigs, also called swing stage scaffolds. These scaffolds use a cable suspension system to lower platforms down the side of a building, allowing crews to perform exterior maintenance and repairs.

Our suspended scaffolds feature:

Heavy-duty steel platforms with adjustable heights of up to 60 feet

Safety guardrails, toe boards, and debris netting

Electric or pneumatic hoists for smooth precision control

Outrigger beams to prevent swaying and ensure stability.

Our team of experts will handle the installation and dismantling process, leaving the suspended platform ready for your crews to work safely and efficiently. Rigging tie-backs and roof protection can also be provided as needed.

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Scaffold Installation

We provide complete installation services for all scaffolding rentals. Our team of experts will deliver the equipment and erect the scaffolds according to safety regulations and your specific access requirements.

Scaffolding Inspection

The safety of your workers is our priority. That’s why Downtown Scaffolding provides thorough inspections and maintenance of equipment between each rental. We check frames, braces, platforms, cables and all components before delivery to verify proper functioning. On long-term rentals, we’ll conduct monthly inspections at no added cost. Reports are available on request. Let us handle these critical inspections so you can have peace of mind.

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Scaffold Dismantling

When your project is complete, we’ll send a team to dismantle the scaffolding and remove it efficiently from your job site. Allow us to handle this demanding process so your team can focus on quality finishing work.

Safety Measures and Inspections

At Downtown Scaffolding, we take safety extremely seriously. We follow rigorous protocols and procedures to protect both workers and the public. Key aspects of our safety programs include:

Safety Inspections

We conduct thorough inspections and maintenance of all rental equipment between jobs. Components are checked for proper functioning and wear to ensure scaffolds maintain structural integrity.  Our teams perform and log inspections covering frames, platforms, braces, ties, netting, cables, motors, and all other essential parts.

On lengthy rentals over 30 days, we provide complimentary monthly site visits to inspect the erected scaffolds and make any needed adjustments for optimal safety. Reports can be furnished per request.

Maintain Workers’ Safety with the Proper Tools

Beyond supplying well-maintained gear, we consider ourselves stewards responsible for educating our team on best practices for scaffold safety. We insist proper access equipment enables and reminds personnel to work cautiously at heights.


All Downtown Scaffolding rental packages include:

  • Base plates to evenly distribute loads
  • Adjustable legs to account for uneven surfaces
  • Guardrails, mid rails and toeboards on exposed sides
  • Mesh debris netting and overhead protection
  • Safe access ladders, walkways, and entry points

About Us

Commitment to Efficiency & Affordability

At Downtown Scaffolding, we aim to provide New York contractors, businesses, and homeowners with accessible and fairly-priced access rentals. We offer competitive hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates across our entire catalog of pipe scaffolds, suspended platforms, aerial lifts, and specialty systems. Volume discounts are also available. Our efficient delivery methods, proximity to job sites throughout NYC and focus on uptime make our scaffolding rentals cost-effective.

Equipment Selection and Reliability

We carry an extensive inventory with hundreds of scaffolding frames and components ready to meet demanding specifications and schedules. All gear is sourced from the most trusted manufacturers of scaffolding and rigging equipment like Layher, Safway, and Mosely. Investing in high-quality materials means our scaffolds endure years of use on sites. We retire any questionable parts. Coupled with our careful inspection process before reassembly, our customers can trust us to offer nothing but durable and dependable rentals every time.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

Our company upholds industry best practices for scaffold safety and is officially accredited by all major regulatory bodies including OSHA, ANSI standards, and New York City codes. We pursue ongoing training to maintain up-to-date certificates and licenses for erecting and dismantling scaffolds across various categories. Our Perfect Safety Track Record over 15 years underscores our commitment to worker protection, hazard awareness, and regulation compliance on every project we undertake.

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Why Choose Us?

There are many good reasons to choose Downtown Scaffolding as your trusted provider of secure access rentals in the New York:

Safety & Compliance – Our perfect safety record over 15+ years demonstrates our commitment to following industry best practices and regulations. All scaffolds vetted to NYC & OSHA standards.

Expertise & Experience – Our professional safety experts possess every certification needed for scaffold erection, suspension, inspection, and dismantling. We are veterans of 1000s of New York projects.

Cost Efficiency –  You can obtain quality scaffolds and aerial lifts at affordable hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates – discounts on large/long-term orders.

Ideal Location – Our convenient New York facility means quick deliveries to job sites all over NYC while eliminating expensive Manhattan rental costs.

Custom Solutions – We configure scaffolds specific to unique access challenges posed by buildings or sites.

Reliability & Service – Our scaffolds help prevent injuries and delays – well-maintained assets coupled with expert support keep your NYC projects on schedule.

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