Jersey Barrier Rental & Sale in New York by Downtown Scaffolding

Jersey barriers for rent and sale with custom branding solutions in New York by Downtown Scaffolding.

Custom Jersey Barrier Rental Service in New York by Downtown Scaffolding

Ensuring worksite safety and security is important for any construction project. For sites in New York, Downtown Scaffolding offers top-notch Jersey Barriers rental and sale solutions. Jersey Barriers, also known as concrete safety barriers, are modular concrete or plastic structures placed around work areas to separate traffic, provide protection, and delineate workspace boundaries.

Downtown Scaffolding has extensive expertise in implementing short and long-term Jersey Barrier solutions in the New York and surrounding areas. With a large on-hand inventory and a dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles, we can swiftly install rented Jersey Barriers around your site to establish a safe perimeter. We also offer Jersey Barriers for purchase as a cost-effective safety investment for frequently changing or long-term projects.

Our team handles complete coordination and placement of single, double, and triple-stacked Jersey Barriers to create boundaries tailored to your workspace layout and safety needs. All our equipment meets or exceeds DOT safety standards. We also handle any specialty platforms, ramps, signage, or reflective delineators needed to maximize visibility and security.

Our Jersey Barrier Rental Solutions in New York City

At Downtown Scaffolding, we offer comprehensive Jersey Barrier rentals to keep worksites safely separated and secured. Our Jersey Barrier rental fleet includes:

Jersey Barriers

Our extensive inventory includes standard concrete Jersey Barriers for sturdy and impenetrable perimeter protection. We offer single, double and triple-stacked concrete barriers up to over 5 feet tall to contain even large equipment and debris.

Water-Filled Barriers

For portable perimeter fencing, we provide interlocking water-filled plastic barriers. These flexible barriers conform to terrain and can be repositioned as needed during your project.

Plastic Barriers

Our lightweight plastic Jersey Barriers enable rapid deployment around work zones. These vinyl barriers are also highly visible to traffic with their bright orange or yellow hues.

Concrete K-Rail Barriers

K-Rail concrete barriers feature a wider base for increased stability on asphalt or soil surfaces. Their tapered shape also allows for closer vehicle access to your worksite if needed.

Metal Barriers (Barricades)

For quick and versatile site access control, we offer movable metal barricades. These barriers have reflective striping for visibility and can be shifted to allow entry/exit points.

Jersey Barriers with Fence

For enhanced pedestrian safety and work zone visibility, we offer Jersey Barriers installed with chain link fencing. The fence attaches securely to the top of the barriers.

Jersey Barriers for sale

For frequent or long-term projects, purchasing your Jersey Barriers from Downtown Scaffolding is a strategic investment. We offer a wide range of new and refurbished Jersey Barriers for sale to meet any job site safety need:

New Concrete Jersey Barriers
Our precast concrete Jersey Barriers are built to DOT specifications right here in the NYC area. Each solid modular barrier has a smooth safety shape designed specifically to separate traffic and absorb impact. We carry standard gray barriers along with bright white barriers enhanced with titanium dioxide for increased visibility.

Refurbished Concrete Barriers

Our refurbished concrete Jersey Barriers offer tremendous value. These sturdy pre-owned barriers are ideal for long-term projects and can be repurposed for multiple job sites. Our team fully inspects and repairs any damage before sale and delivery.

Removable Concrete Barrier Walls

For work zones needing occasional access, we offer concrete barrier walls with removable sections. These specialty barriers allow for entry points that can be quickly opened and closed as needed.

Plastic Jersey Barriers

We sell durable plastic Jersey Barriers that offer weight and cost savings versus concrete options. These barriers resist weathering and corrosion for lasting performance across repeated site uses.

Water-Filled Plastic Barriers

Our interlocking water-filled barriers are flexible, stable perimeter fencing solutions available for purchase. Empty barriers along with water fill hoses and fittings are included with each order.

We even handle removal and buy-back of your concrete Jersey Barrier purchases upon project completion. 

Safety Measures and Inspections

At Downtown Scaffolding, we take safety extremely seriously. We follow rigorous protocols and procedures to protect both workers and the public. Key aspects of our safety programs include:

Safety Inspections

We conduct thorough inspections and maintenance of all rental equipment between jobs. Components are checked for proper functioning and wear to ensure scaffolds maintain structural integrity.  Our teams perform and log inspections covering frames, platforms, braces, ties, netting, cables, motors, and all other essential parts.

On lengthy rentals over 30 days, we provide complimentary monthly site visits to inspect the erected scaffolds and make any needed adjustments for optimal safety. Reports can be furnished per request.

Maintain Workers’ Safety with the Proper Tools

Beyond supplying well-maintained gear, we consider ourselves stewards responsible for educating our team on best practices for scaffold safety. We insist proper access equipment enables and reminds personnel to work cautiously at heights.


All Downtown Scaffolding rental packages include:

  • Base plates to evenly distribute loads
  • Adjustable legs to account for uneven surfaces
  • Guardrails, mid rails and toeboards on exposed sides
  • Mesh debris netting and overhead protection
  • Safe access ladders, walkways, and entry points

Company Background

Experience and Expertise

With over 15 years of serving New York’s construction industry, Downtown Scaffolding has unmatched expertise in implementing Jersey Barrier safety solutions for worksites across the five boroughs. We have extensive hands-on experience addressing the unique access, space, and regulatory considerations that come with urban job sites.

Our fleet includes over 10,000 Jersey Barriers allowing us to maintain a broad on-hand inventory for rapid response rentals. We also have strategic partnerships with local concrete manufacturers to ensure consistently available barrier supply. Whether your project needs tall concrete barriers or movable crowd control barricades, we have the specialized equipment ready to safely separate and secure your work zone.

Our professional safety consultants and worksite logistics teams assess each location to engineer barrier layouts providing top-notch traffic control and protection based on your site plans. Our installation team has placed countless barriers across the most complex city projects. We handle end-to-end rental coordination – delivering, strategically situating, and repositioning Jersey Barriers throughout your project’s phases.

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Customization and Branding

Beyond standard Jersey Barriers rentals, Downtown Scaffolding also provides specialty customization and branding services tailored to your project’s specific safety and marketing needs, including:

Custom Safety Decals & Signage: We can outfit your rented or purchased Jersey Barriers with high visibility safety stripes, reflective delineators, and custom warning signage designed to enhance work zone caution and awareness.

Branded Barrier Wraps: We offer full-color printed vinyl barrier wraps to transform bland barriers into eye-catching branded billboards. Wraps fully adhere to barrier surfaces while allowing easy future removal.

Innovative Digital Displays:  You can take barrier branding to the next level with our state-of-the-art digital barrier add-ons! These networked LCD screens allow you to dynamically display project information, visual content, logos, and safety alerts via user-friendly cloud software from any mobile device.

Custom Barrier Shapes & Sizes: Beyond our standard barrier offerings, our partnerships with specialized regional suppliers allow us to source custom barrier dimensions and modular configurations to satisfy unique project needs.

Safety and Compliance

  • Measures Ensured for Safety and Regulatory Compliance

    Safety is the number one priority across Downtown Scaffolding’s barrier rental, sale, and installation services. We undertake great measures to guarantee full regulatory compliance and to protect  teams, site visitors and passersby:

    • All barriers meet MASH crash test standards and NYC DOT specifications
    • Routine safety inspections and maintenance on the entire rental fleet
    • Strategic placement for optimal traffic separation and impact protection
    • Usage of high visibility colors, reflective strips, and customizable signage
    • Attachment of protective fence, tubing, or other safeguards as needed
    • Conduct professional work zone hazard analyses and traffic studies
    • Provide certified flaggers for traffic control during deliveries
    • Ensure adequate barricaded entry/exit points for site accessibility
    • Monitor and secure openings for pedestrian pathways
    • On-going repositioning of barriers based on phase changes
    • Create custom ramps and walkways if needed to maintain egress
    • Removal of hazards posed by surface cracks, holes, or debris
    • Respond immediately to repair or replace damaged barriers
    • Stay updated on all NYC regulatory policies related to barriers.

When exploring jersey barrier rental options in New York for your construction project, it’s essential to consider complementary safety measures like sidewalk shed rental and temporary fencing rental. By integrating these solutions, construction sites can ensure optimal protection for pedestrians and workers while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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