Hoisting and Rigging Services Offered By Downtown Scaffolding

Downtown scaffolding is a trusted moving and rigging company for hoisting & rigging services in New York.

Hoisting & Rigging Equipment Available

Common Items Include (But Are Not Limited To)

Here’s a look at the common types of hoisting and rigging equipment that we offer, they include:

  • Chain hoists – manual or electric-powered hoists that lift and lower loads using chain slings
  • Lever hoists – manual hoists that lift loads using a lever mechanism and wire rope slings
  • Come-alongs – hand-powered cable pullers used for light to medium tensioning jobs
  • Gantries – portable overhead cranes used with hoists for lifting equipment
  • Spreader bars – used to lift awkward shaped loads and keep slings vertical
  • Shackles – used to connect rigging to attachment points
  • Slings – wire rope, chain, or fabric used to attach the load to the hoist
  • Block and tackle sets – used to multiply the pulling force of hoists effectively
  • Rigging hardware – various pieces used to connect and secure loads (e.g. turnbuckles, hooks, eye bolts, etc.)
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Crane Hoisting

With over 15 years as a top provider of hoisting solutions, Downtown Scaffolding has carved a reputation for its diverse crane rental offerings and expertise in rigging work for complex lifts.

Boasting one of the region’s largest and most modern fleets, Downtown Scaffolding’s all-terrain, crawler, tower, and truck cranes range in capacity from 20 USt to over 1200 USt. Our diverse selection of leading crane manufacturers includes Liebherr, Tadano, Link-Belt, and Manitowoc models, featuring maximum lift heights from 10 ft to over 350 ft and multiple power and functional options.

Our crane inventory is supported by a full-scale team of certified operators, riggers, and signal persons. With diligent attention to safety protocols and lift engineering, our team handles everything from routine picks to complex, high-value industrial and commercial projects. Our customers can also select from a range of services including CAD lift planning, specialty below-the-hook devices, and comprehensive maintenance programs.

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We stand behind our reputation for quality with real-time GPS tracking of costs, daily reporting, and zero-incident safety management. With on-call teams available 24/7 to minimize downtime, our company delivers peace of mind that crane lifts will be on time and within budget.

Safety Standards

Downtown Scaffolding prioritizes safety and compliance with all relevant regulations and standards in their crane hoisting operations. Some key details regarding our safety standards include:

  • Strict adherence to OSHA guidelines for crane operation, rigging, and lifting
  • Implementation of ASME B30 safety standards for gear and rigging inspection and certification
  • Thorough lift planning procedures, including analysis by in-house engineers for complex lifts
  • Advanced operator training programs covering safety protocols, load charts, equipment functions, and emergency response
  • Using of rated rigging gear, including slings, shackles, spreader bars, etc. with current inspection tags
  • Routine non-destructive testing of critical crane structural components
  • Measurement and wireless monitoring of limits for load, list, travel motion, and environment during picks
  • Independent 3rd party crane inspections and certification to meet state and local codes
  • Modern crane fleet with the latest operational aids and safety features, such as anti-collision systems and swing reducers
  • Comprehensive maintenance routines to ensure the working integrity of all hoisting equipment
  • Chain of custody documentation for all rental equipment
  • Zero tolerance alcohol and substance abuse policy for operating teams.
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When considering hoisting and rigging services, don’t forget the importance of temporary fencing rental in New York to enhance site safety and organization. In the realm of rigging and hoisting services, it’s also crucial to secure reliable sidewalk shed and scaffolding rental for safe and efficient operations.

Why Choose Our Rigging/Hoisting Company?

Here are the top reasons to choose Downtown Scaffolding for your rigging and hoisting needs:

Expertise & Experience

Our team of experts collectively possess over 20 years of experience successfully undertaking complex hoisting operations. Customers can leverage our expertise for improved safety and efficiency.

Advanced Equipment

We continuously invest in the latest rigging, hoisting, and loading equipment to boost performance and safety. This includes high-tech cranes fitted with real-time monitoring systems.

Focus on Safety

By following extensive risk-mitigation procedures that meet or exceed all state and federal safety guidelines, we achieve an exceptional safety track record.

Custom Engineered Solutions
Every project has unique requirements. Our in-house engineering team develops customized rigging and crane lift plans tailored to your loads and sites.

Quality Fleet Mix

With one of the largest rigging equipment inventories regionally, we offer an ideal range of chain hoists, lever hoists, jacks, spreader bars, and more.

Responsiveness & Support

Our full-time assistance team is available 24/7 to respond rapidly to urgent project needs and minimize costly downtime.

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